Producer, WIZZ

Head Judge – Animation

After finishing her Masters in Glasgow in French and Film & Television studies, Amanda began her career in the world of film festivals traveling between Cannes, Edinburgh and Dinard. She then moved from her native Scotland to Paris and joined Partizan, where she worked for 10 years as a producer for the UK and French markets, and set up the animation department and in-house studio, Partizan Lab. There, at a time when animation in France was only really beginning to kick off, she developed French directors including award winners N°6, Geoffroy de Crécy and Victor Haegelin, working on campaigns for Guinness, Halifax, 7UP and Coke amongst many others. 

In 2010, Amanda joined the Quad Group in Paris to head up its animation and mixed media studio WIZZ, which she quickly put on the international map with the launch of FRIEND, a sister company in London, and set up various international partnerships throughout the world notably in the USA (Blacklist / Psyop), Australia and Asia (Unlisted).

WIZZ continues to thrive as a boutique graphic laboratory that develops its own directors of varying styles and is dedicated to giving its artists the resources to produce their work, which is not limited to advertising but also includes short films, series, gaming cinematics and exhibitions. Over the years WIZZ has been recognized by many international award festivals including Cannes, D&AD, ADC Global, The One Show, CLIO, Andy, and Epica thanks to the strong work that has been produced with very talented in-house directors CRCR, Akama, Gary Levesque, Victor Haegelin, Milli, Illogic to name but a few. 


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