Executive Producer / CEO / Founder, RedStrings Productions Pty Ltd.

Liza is the production mastermind behind all the connections and threads at RedStrings.

Making sure all the loops and knots are tied with upmost precision, Liza uses her 3D artist background and 12 years worth of industry experience and knowledge in long and short format to create films and commercials of a high technical calibre. Her warm, holistic approach with everyone she deals with, give a sense of security and familiarity as her understanding of all the technical aspects behind the scenes makes for a solid workflow and final product.

Liza’s superpower is helping others get what they need. She has not only crafted the art of solving problems but also effortlessly guides clients and artists towards the same goal. Her passion for bringing artists together is evident in the teams she tailor-picks for each project that comes her way. Creating beautiful pieces of cinematic value that ultimately bring more people together is the most rewarding part of the process for Liza. She strives for excellence and teamwork in all that she does and it shows!


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