Writer and Director

Beatrice Pegard is a French-Australian writer and director. With a background in academia, she received an MA and a PhD in Political and Environmental Sciences and worked in climate change adaptation research before studying creative writing and reporting, and attending NIDA and the Sydney Film School. With a mixed background in science and art, she is drawn to the interplay between form and content in exuberant narrative, music video and commercial work. Her aesthetic mixes surrealism, nostalgia and comedy, always with a keen interest for choreography, art direction and CG.

She has directed commercials for global brand campaigns such as Ikea, American Express, Toyota and H&M, and music videos for the likes of The Midnight Juggernauts, M. Ward, Grizzly Bear, and Parcels. Her unique style and work has garnered a wide variety of awards, nominations, and recognition in publications including the Gestalten’s Papercraft series, Vogue, Rolling Stone, the ABC Triple J Awards, the British Film Institute BUG London Festival, Berlin MVAs, Ciclope, and 1.4. Beatrice is a firm believer in sustainable filmmaking, which she applies to her creative process whenever possible, and provides green toolkits and advice geared towards lowering carbon footprint, sustainable film production and waste reduction.

Beatrice Pegard

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