CEO / Founder, Gunpowder Media

Head Judge – Music/Sound Design

Lebo is a highly established audio engineer within the advertising world of Johannesburg South Africa.

Lebo started his career with a residency at industry giants, Sterling sound and Howard Audio, Where he was appointed as head engineer.  Today he has become a giant in his own right, as the Founder and CEO of Gunpowder Media in Johannesburg.

Lebo specialises in sound design, final mix and music composition.  He is a well-known and trusted engineer in the South African industry, having worked extensively with brands like Jaguar, South African Tourism, Nike, jagermeister, Landrover, Cell C and winning a ONE Show award for his work on BMW.

Outside of the world of advertising, Lebo is an accomplished musician, who has lent his passion and talent to multiple NGO’s, by Pioneering their music and production Departments. Lebo has devoted himself to empowering the youth, helping them find their voice and upskilling them for their futures.

Gunpowder Media

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