CEO, GAS Music

Gary has over 20 years as a musical artist playing in Manchester bands since the 1990’s such as Hilton and Moses Gate, from where Badly Drawn Boy, Damon Gough started out his career.

From childhood Gary has had an emotional connection and passion with both film and music. He understands the emotions that music can bring to the moving image and with a broad taste in all genres he is quick at complementing a project with the right sound.

Based in MediaCity, GAS™ Music are a fully integrated music production agency. They compose music and produce sound design. They execute audio post-production, manage sync licenses, and they cast and record voiceover and they do it because we love it.

They create musical content that combines great composition ideas with the highest production values. Their expertise of film and the editing process means they can streamline the supply chain, demo tweaking process saving time, money and reducing stress.

GAS compose as musicians, consumers and fans. Everyone and every situation has a soundtrack.

Never judge a book by the cover, but always judge a person by their record collection.

Music moves us all, defines eras & personalities and sells products.

Here’s our latest showreel, we’ve graciously borrowed an introduction from George Martin.

GAS Music

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