Partner / Executive Producer, Merman

Head Judge – New Director

Siobhan Murphy has been with Merman’s Branded arm since inception in June 2017, serving the company now as Partner and Executive Producer. Formerly a production company owner at ‘Cops and Robbers,’ she developed her keen eye for talent developing and producing music videos, shorts and animation projects. 

Under the leadership of Sharon Horgan and Clelia Mountford who founded Merman in 2014, then a leading TV focused production company, Siobhan came on board bringing talent with her, to launch the Branded Entertainment & Commercials division in 2017. Since then, Merman has become one of the fastest growing production companies remaining true to the foundation’s set in comedy as well as moving towards a more diverse range of projects in the visual and narrative arena. This has seen Siobhan develop and work alongside formidable talents MJ Delaney - now a BAFTA winner and Emmy nominee, as well as Martin Krejci, Declan Lowney, Vaughan Arnell and Ben Liam Jones to name a few. 

Siobhan’s enthusiasm for this industry has proven irrepressible throughout her career and she shows no signs of slowing down with Merman going from strength to strength. With some exciting developments on the horizon, Merman remains one of the best and most beloved production companies in the UK and beyond.


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