Co-Founder, Shotopop

The intersection of movement and illustration is my vibe.

Having dreamt of being a professional dancer, the Black Swan reality started making me feel pretty meh. It was an appropriate dream given the dance driven High School years and resulting stress fractures, but the gravitational pull out of the darkness like a moth to the shiny light of a screen had me tinkering at other creative pursuits and a BA in Information Design (University of Pretoria, South Africa) opened up the world of illustration and design.

Then it happened. After co-founding Shotopop with my ride or die, Casper Franken, the collision of movement and visuals happened in the form of us pivoting what was initially an illustration and design studio towards animation. Never looking back; the marriage of entertainment and emotion, energy and beauty; animation is a world where visual arts become expressive and dynamic. We’ve been fortunate to share our energy with amazing clients including many a sports/lifestyle brand like Nike, Asics & Adidas, to those that fuel us, even if it’s our vices like KFC, Pepsi, Miller Lite and MTN DEW to those that help us get our groove on like Spotify

Still tho, Who dis?  As co-founder of animation, illustration and animation studio: Shotopop; I’ve many fingers in many pies from strategy, though creative, to management and talking of pie, sometimes cake procurement.

And while this is my story, my team are my performers and I do all I can to support them from the wings. Aiming to keep ego low and standards high.


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