Head of Colour, Electric Theatre Collective

Luke Morrison heads up ETC’s Colour team. Hailing from artistic backgrounds, Luke is world-renowned in the creative industries. Having built his profile by winning some of the most prestigious accolades, he has become an integral part of the creative process for high-profile directors and clients. His work spans Oscar-nominated films, iconic music videos and advertising campaigns for the world's most distinguished brands. In the last year alone, Luke has worked on the exceptional BBC series In My Skin (season 2), the seminal Oasis feature documentary Oasis Knebworth 1996, the brilliant Skrillex music video Butterflies, and the multi-award-winning Klarna Get Smoooth Again commercial. 

Luke’s creative mastery is highly sought after and sees him collaborate frequently with the best directors, DOPs and agencies worldwide. Under his leadership, Electric’s Colour department has become one of the industry's most exciting and diverse teams, constantly pushing artistic boundaries.

Electric Theatre Collective

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