Co-founder / Agency Partners Director, DLMDD

Sascha has studied music since aged 5 beginning with violin.  Soon after came drums and 20 years of little else, hammering it out in damp rehearsal rooms, sweaty music venues playing for very noisy bands all over the UK.

A degree in music followed, as did several more years of recording, European tours, a record deal with Wall Of Sound with alt. rock band The Girls, a number 9 UK single with dance crossover act Freaks accompanied at all times by the world's pinkest drum kit.

The decision to get a real job wasn't taken lightly, in fact it wasn't taken at all. He started running for film production companies and then repping Music video Directors like Sam Brown and Sara Dunlop; aiding James Blunt to jump off a cliff and nearly drowning the Foo Fighters in red paint. 

In 2008 Sascha decided to put his musical background to better use joining 2110 Music as producer/music supervisor. He was soon poached by leading Music production company Adelphoi Music, producing/supervising/disrupting on commercials, content for brands and sonic identity projects ultimately working his way up to co-MD within a few short years. Supervisor/producer creds. during this time include Nike, Volvo, Amazon, Smirnoff, Audi, HSBC, Norwegian, NSPCC, Toyota, Asics and loads more less interesting ones. 

In 2019, after 9 years at Adelphoi Sascha, along with his co MD Greg and producer colleague Max founded DLMDD, the world's specialist audio branding agency. In their first year they won accounts with Babbel, Amazon, The Co-Op, and Singapore Airlines. Their collective music creation and supervision skills have been flexed hard in that time too with ad campaigns for Amazon, Guinness, X-Box, Barclays, Public Health England and Toyota. 


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