Founder, Free Agents

Honest and provocative, Patricia Claire has built a highly visible, much admired talent agency in Free Agents—inspiring her clients and her team, to celebrate the best possible expression of … themselves.

Passionately committed to the intrinsic value of every artist’s clear voice, her strategy calls on clients to amplify their strengths, igniting impressive results. It’s a philosophy that carries through to her much loved and highly regarded team.

Patricia’s laudable track record includes strategic consulting and branding, while her company has provided representation for ManvsMachine, Elastic, Nexus, Hornet, Passion, Strange Beast, The Line, Tendril, Buck, Psyop, The Mill, Scholar, 1st Avenue Machine, and Pixar … to name a few :)

It was with the colorful and collaborative artists of the then burgeoning experimental animation and design community, that Patricia found work she loved. Today she remains ardently committed to the development and success of the Free Agents’ roster—both animation and live action, that continues to celebrate the perfect complement of current and future stars.

Patricia enjoys a huge extended family—including prized current and former Free Agents—along with many longstanding and beloved clients. She’s nurtured a succession of huge dogs, one large husband and three adored children who all share her independent spirit.

Free Agents

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