Partner, Iconoclast Brazil

He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Brazil and the United States who has shot campaigns for such iconic brands as Sony, Nike, Ford, HP, WhatsApp, Sony, Audi, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker, McDonalds, Deutsche Bahn and Budweiser.For his work, he has been recognized for various awards including being shortlisted for Shots magazine’s ‘Best New Directors of the Year’ and receiving their Young Director Award for his groundbreaking short, Unbovine Yourself. He also won the ‘Young Director Award’ at Cannes in 2014. His short film, Las Calles de Borges, was named a Vimeo ‘Staff Pick’ and has garnered millions of views. He’s passionate about portraying naturalistic characters in situations that tap into universal truths. Combining production value with an almost expressionist painter’s approach to immerse audiences in relatable, insightful stories that always entertain while resonating on a soulful, emotional level.

Iconoclast Brazil

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