EP, Unicorns & Unicorns

Adrianne McCurrach is an activist and innovator with extensive experience in production across the entertainment and advertising industries. Her portfolio includes award-winning content and campaigns for brands such as Nike, Toyota, Spotify, Apple, Pedigree, and TurboTax among others. A passionate advocate for the arts and longtime champion of representation in the industry, McCurrach has spent her career both collaborating with brands to communicate their message and helping young women and BIPOC creatives tell their stories through film. Combining both of her passions, McCurrach teamed up with Sun Komen to create Unicorns & Unicorns, a Los Angeles-based creative studio specializing in the development, design and production of world-class content across entertainment, consumer brands, and tech. Now, as Executive Producer and Managing Partner at Unicorns & Unicorns, McCurrach continues to produce content that inspires social change while championing diverse voices in the entertainment and advertising industries, fostering the next generation of visual storytellers.

Unicorns & Unicorns

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