Art Associate Creative Director, Anomaly

Head Judge – Casting/Production & Styling

Benoit is currently working full-time as Associate Creative Director at Anomaly Los Angeles. Born in the south of France, since his childhood he is highly passionate about the craft of storytelling through design, typography, styling and arts. 

He has created global work for prestigious clients with a focus on unique craft and connecting people through a narrative. He has been a creative lead in the field of advertising for clients such as Masterclass, Sonos, Diet Coke, Johnnie Walker, Converse, Vans as well as being an artist with several shows around the world. These traits have given him the opportunity to work in France, England, Germany, Asia and recently America with creatives from advertising, product designers, architects, film directors and art galleries. In roles including art director, designer, both artist and curator, over the past 13 years.


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