Production Designer

Jeremy Reed was born in England and raised in Zimbabwe. He attended the prestigious Harrow School in London, and after graduation did his national service in the Zimbabwean military as a paratrooper. Afterwards, whilst attending university at Yale, he discovered a love for architecture, an education he has been following informally ever since.

His career has spanned iconic music videos (Katy Perry), highly stylised commercials (Meta ,Gucci), and particularly sumptuous looking films (Gretel and Hansel). Hard Candy was his first film, and his latest feature release will be the Silence of Mercy, a period drama set in 13th century Norman England. He has proudly received numerous Art Directors Guild Awards Awards, and earlier this year was the grateful recipient of a British film Designers Guild Award for Excellence. Given the choice he would opt for the company of NASA scientists and medieval historians over Hollywood types. He loves nothing more than a conversation regarding the architecture of future societies, ethics of artificial life or the mechanics of a trebuchet, and the tactics of medieval warfare.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Stephanie, and son Tristan.

He also holds a UK citizenship, a US citizenship and an Irish citizenship.

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