Director, Scouts Honour

Mark Zibert started out as a professional photographer, quickly moved into motion and was quickly catapulted up the ranks as one of the world’s most talented and original directors.

Mark has created commercials, short films, stills and digital content for global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Nissan, Apple, FIFA, COC, IOC, Paralympics, SickKids and Diesel among others. Beyond the recognition and visibility that goes along with shooting for bigger brands, Mark is allergic to repetition and loves a creative challenge above all else and is prone to engage on unusual and passion projects that require creative problem-solving.

Mark is obsessive and relentless in his preparation, leaving no stone unturned with reference material, mood films, war rooms, storyboards, testing and pre- visualization. He loves to troubleshoot, plan and expand the creative to its full potential. He is always striving to adapt and his continually evolving as a director which is a testament to his originality. 

Scouts Honour

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