CG Supervisor, Carbon

Jessie Amadio is an award winning CG Supervisor at creative production studio Carbon. First inspired by the behind-the-scenes goodies shown on The Lord of the Rings extended edition DVD's (she knows she's not alone here!), today she can be found supervising commercial shoots around the world, and solving mind-scrambling on-set puzzles for directors the likes of Shawn Levy, Gary Freedman and Dante Ariola.

She has advised on the best VFX approach for some of the most prominent commercials of the last few years for brands such as Budweiser, Accenture, Samsung and PlayStation, as well as John Lewis' iconic ‘The Boy and the Piano.’ Awards picked up along the way include Clios, British Arrows and Cannes Lions.

Still connected to the craft, Jessie is equally at home on-set or on the box, and pays it forward by mentoring the next generation of artists in the large teams she oversees. As a judge at this year’s Shots Awards, Jessie can't wait to see and discuss the inspiring creative decisions taken during the past year.


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