Executive Producer, PRETTYBIRD

Suzanne Hargrove is currently serving as Executive Producer for traditional and new media projects at PRETTYBIRD.

Emmy award-winning commercial veteran Suzanne graduated from Ohio University before starting her career in music videos and entering the advertising business soon thereafter to pursue her passion for producing high-end commercials, eventually broadening the scope to include branded content, experiential and new media projects.

Having had the opportunity to work closely with some of the most renowned commercial directors ranging from visual storytellers to comedic masters, Suzanne brings over 15 years of producing experience and a strong production sensibility in her role at PRETTYBIRD. Suzanne has managed to fill her passport traveling the world to produce a wide range of commercials for many notable global clients.

While Suzanne remains rooted in advertising, she continues to extend her reach beyond traditional commercials, embracing longer format projects such as the Pennzoil-sponsored documentary Breaking Barriers: Mankind’s Pursuit of Speed, the TV doc Shaun White: Russia Calling, web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy II and Chop Shop.

Suzanne is currently serving as President of the AICP West Board.


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