Director, The Mill

Lisha’s passion for illustration and story-driven animation leads her to create captivating, award-winning work. A love for traditional cel and stop motion techniques influence her process. Lisha has directed eight of the electrifying Respawn Entertainment ‘Apex Legends’ season campaigns, which have garnered over 20 millions views.  She recently collaborated with Dua Lipa to create a fully animated music video for 'Hallucinate', the single from her second studio album, 'Future Nostalgia'. Inspired by the disco aesthetic of Studio 54 in the '70s and cartoons from multiple iconic eras, the video is a psychedelic animation extravaganza. When she’s not directing or designing stand-out characters, Lisha keeps her creativity at the forefront working on her own brand of ceramics, LilChotchke. 

The Mill