Executive Producer, Arts & Letters

Keith is an award winning Executive Producer known for leading teams characterized by an obsession for craft, emphasis on cultural insights, and limitless optimism.  Keith has always had an interest in human behavior; why people do the things they and what motivates them. He’s had a similar fascination with storytelling and its power to connect people across groups and cultures. The advertising/media industry was the natural place to combine these personal interests into a meaningful and rewarding career. Over the past decade he's worked at Leo Burnett and DDB Chicago, where he led campaigns for some of the industry’s top brands including: Kellogg’s, Samsung, Capital One, Mars, Molson-Coors and more. In his current role, as an Executive Producer at Arts and Letters Creative Company, Keith manages a team of diverse producers, creating high profile work for ESPN and Google. Keith is a strong proponent of improving equity and representation within the industry and hopes to continue to use his voice to drive meaningful progress.  Despite all the challenges facing the industry, and the world, he believes the future is bright and the best is yet to come. 

Arts & Letters Creative Co.

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