Executive Producer, Eleanor

Champion of directors, networker who cares, a sales-focused Executive Producer, fun-loving Brit with a big personality, and that STILL doesn’t fully cover the scope of Sophie’s abilities. More simply, she’s an industry powerhouse with an impeccable eye for talent and the uncanny ability to get things done above and beyond expectations.  

Born in France but raised in Great Britain (which explains a lot), Sophie started her career in finance. Tired of making money for other people, she turned her attention to Executive Producing. Was there an internship? Was she a PA who worked her way up the ladder? No. By sheer force of will, Sophie started as an  

EP and took to it like a fish to water. What followed was a string of music videos,  commercial campaigns, short films, and general widespread success. With deep roots established in London, it was time for Sophie to cross the Atlantic and introduce herself to the United States.  

Once in the US, Sophie worked for several production companies in New York and eventually Los Angeles. She not only signed and nurtured new directorial talent but also worked to restructure the companies themselves. She helped to define and focus their goals and enter new marketplaces while building their client list. She did this more than once and with incredible results. In the process,  she worked on national campaigns for brands such as Disney, Lexus, Star Wars,  Pepsi, Nissan, AFI, Poland Springs, GMC, Lipton, and Yahoo, to name but a few.  

Inevitably, it came time to fulfil her destiny and do what she was meant to do all along - start her own company. She formed Eleanor in early 2020 (yes, that 2020), and despite a raging pandemic, has firmly established a foothold in the marketplace.


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