Oscar and Emmy-Nominated PES is the creator of some of the most  widely viewed stop-motion films of all-time including Fresh Guacamole,  Western Spaghetti, Submarine Sandwich, Game Over, Human  Skateboard, KaBoom! and Roof Sex. On his YouTube Channel alone, PES's films have been viewed over 1  BILLION times. 

PES's uncanny knack for transforming familiar objects and people  through stop-motion animation has earned him global recognition and  dozens of honors, including an Academy Award® nomination for Fresh  Guacamole in 2013. At 1 minute 40 seconds, Fresh Guacamole is the  shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. Now, with over a billion+  consolidated views online, Fresh Guacamole is the most-viewed Oscar  short in history. 

PES is the originator of "the stop-motion cooking film" genre  with Western Spaghetti in 2008. Western Spaghetti earned Time  Magazine's #2 Viral Video of the Year in 2008 as well as the Audience  Award at Annecy in 2009. PES's three stop-motion cooking shorts -- Western Spaghetti (2008), Fresh Guacamole (2012) and Submarine  Sandwich (2014) -- have spawned thousands of copycat works online  and established "the-stop-motion-cooking-film-with-substituted objects"  as a popular style. 

In addition to his original content, PES has also directed over 75  commercials for major international brands including Corona, Honda,  Android, Orange Telecom, Kinder Surprise, PlayStation, Sprint,  Samsung and Bacardi. Some of these commercials, including Coinstar (2004), Human Skateboard (2007) and Milo &  Maria (2006), have became viral hits on YouTube reaching into  the tens of millions of views. His work has been awarded with a Gold  Lion, plus awards from the One Show, the CLIOs, D&Ads, ANDY, and  ADDYs.  

In 2016, PES received an Emmy® Award nomination for his  commercial Honda "Paper", a 2-minute stop-motion tour de  force showcasing the 50-year history of the Honda Motor  Company. The spot earned numerous ad industry awards including the  One Show's "Automobile Advertising of the Year Award." It was also  recently added to the permanent collection at both the Louvre's  Museum of Advertising and The Museum of Modern Art.

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