VFX Supervisor/ Senior Flame Artist, Framestore

Gigi is an award-winning VFX Supervisor and Senior Flame Artist who joined Framestore’s New York studio in 2015. She has worked on projects for global brands such as Dell, Absolut, Lysol, Johnnie Walker, AT&T, and Squarespace, and collaborated with a host of world-renowned directors including Tom Hooper, Danny Kleinman, Roman Coppola, Emmanuel Lubezki, Todd Field, and Spike Jonze. Most recently at Framestore, Gigi has directed projects for the household name brands including Dell and Budweiser. 

After graduating from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts with combined degrees in Psychology and Film, she began her career working on post production for Antiques Roadshow. From there, she honed her skills in Visual Effects at The Mill, soon graduating to Flame Artist, then Visual Effects Supervisor at MPC. 

A truly collaborative artist, Gigi works with a close-knit team on many of her projects, bringing each large-scale, creative idea to life with exceptional care and attention to detail. She is the recipient of major industry accolades including a Cannes Gold Lion in Design for Animation, as well as honors from Ciclope, the Clios Awards, One Show, LIA, and AICP.


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