Principal Animator, Respawn Entertainment

Moy lives and breathes animation in all aspects of the craft but particularly focusing on sincere and appealing performance in 3D animation. His passion for the discipline has led him through a variety of award winning AAA games that have gone on to entertain and engage millions of players around the world and continue to do so now as principal animator at Respawn Entertainment working on Apex Legedns, a battle royale that has quickly climbed in popularity always striving to deliver new and engaging experiences for the players both as a developer and also as an active member in it's thriving player community.

Moy's roles at Respawn have largely increased branching out from animation and becoming an active part of the marketing, branding and consumer product teams for Apex Legends, with the single goal of ensuring that any given vendor or product remains true to the brand, including trailers, action figures, costumes, comic books, etc. 

Before working on Apex Legends Moy worked on the critically acclaimed AAA game Titanfall 2 (2016) that went on to receive multiple awards including a nomination for Game of The Year. One year before that, he worked on another critically acclaimed title that went on to win Game of The Year; Uncharted 4: a Thief's End (2016)

Anytime Moy is not working on animation for a game he's working on animating cartoons online that he posts regularly on his YouTube Channel: ToonCraft. A comedic, heartfelt and often satire driven channel dedicated to the things he finds interesting delivered through the use of stylized characters iconic to video games or other pop culture platforms. 

Respawn Entertainment

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