Art Director, Wieden+Kennedy

Emma Barnett is an Art Director based in Portland, Oregon. Driven by a strong sense of humor, will power, and a desire to change the industry for the better, Emma is passionate about creating work that empowers and inspires people. She thrives on the challenge of turning a niche insight into something universal.

During her time at Wieden+Kennedy, she has had the pleasure of bringing to life award-winning campaigns such as the Nike film “Together,” which commemorated Lebron James’ return to Cleveland and “Dream Crazier,” a film narrated by Serena Williams that put a spotlight on female athletes who have been called “crazy,” broken barriers, and inspired generations of athletes to go after their dreams.

In her spare time, Emma takes very good care of her 1988 Honda Accord, plays heavy metal guitar, and is learning how to skateboard.


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