Owner/Creative Director, Amber Music

Head Judge – Music/Sound Design

Michelle Curran began her career as head of promotions at both Island and London records working with such notable artists as U2, Grace Jones, Bob Marley, Robert Palmer, leading to an extensive network within the music industry. 

Michelle set up and ran Logorhythm Music and the Real Music Co. before starting up Amber Music. Under Michelle, Amber Music has gained a reputation for producing tracks that have an edge.  She prides herself on discovering and employing some of the most talented composers out there and it’s what makes Amber continually at the top of the agencies’ list when music comes into the mix. Michelle has produced music for over 2000 TV commercials including the Emmy award-winning "PBS Fish", as well as “Lake of DarKness”, shown on UK TV starring Sadie Frost, and produced the music for the Hunger Trilogy TV films put out by Showtime directed by the Scotts’.  

Michelle also won Gold at the Cannes Lions in Cannes for Honda “Grrr” and for Nomis “Damn Boots”, plus D&AD Black Pencils and Gold Clios.Being considered a revered industry leader, Michelle is frequently asked to judge music categories at prestigious award shows such as The Clios and AICP.

In addition, she has been recognized as one of the 16 “Most Influential Women in Advertising In the World” by Boards Magazine.

Amber Music

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