Freelance Designer/Director

Helen Hsu is a freelance Designer & Director who has worked in the creative industry for over a decade. Her diverse design background allows her work to be heavily rooted in graphic design, cinematography and CGI. Helen has spent considerable time working at various creative studios in Los Angeles, most notably 5 years working as an Art Director at The Mill, where she leaded projects for many high profile clients such as the Academy Awards, Apple, Netflix, and Google. In 2017, Helen relocated to Shanghai to assist the Digital Domain Shanghai division in starting their design department, and has since worked with many local brands and agencies such as Marie Dalgar, JD, Huawei, and Acer for the past 3 years. 

Her unique background in both the US & Chinese markets make her a versatile creative problem solver bringing a dynamic perspective to her work.
When she’s not working, Helen enjoys traveling to different areas of China and documenting the culture through her photography.  

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