Senior Producer, Wieden + Kennedy

As a Senior Producer, Katie has lead production for some of the most iconic Nike work to come out of W+K Portland in recent years including the split-screen masterpiece "You Can't Stop Us", the culture-defining "Dream Crazy" with Colin Kaepernick, and Nike's Global World Cup film "Dream Further".

She began her career 15 years ago on the production side freelancing in a variety of roles including camera assistant, grip, assistant editor, production manager, line producer, and eventually as an executive producer at a boutique production company.  Her production experience gave her the filmmaking fundamentals and an understanding of the craft, hard work, and collaboration that goes into making good work.

In 2012 she made her way to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an agency producer at TBWA/Media Arts Lab.  While at MAL she learned the craft of the commercial, producing global campaigns for the iPhone as well as iconic Apple holiday spots, a silhouette spot with U2, and a 30th anniversary film for the Mac shot in one day on iPhones in 16 locations all over the world.

After surviving agency production 101 at MAL, she joined the film production team at 72andSunny, where she led large scale productions for Adidas, Google, and Target, before moving on to join W+K Portland and the Nike team.

Katie is a filmmaker at heart and loves discovering new and diverse talent. She has a reputation for facilitating strong creative craft in the work she produces and a passion for well-told stories. 

When Katie isn’t traveling the world on global productions (pre-pandemic), she's an avid cyclist and loves raising money riding her bike with The Fireflies and Leave it on the Road

Wieden + Kennedy 

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