Stylist/Costume Designer, Artistry

Young-Ah is a wardrobe stylist and costume designer with over 15 years of industry experience. Her distinct, creative eye combined with her ability to structure the process of wardrobe production for  both screen and print has garnered her the status of a go-to talent for major production companies and fashion brands from coast to coast.

At ease with telling a story through the wardrobe of everyday people or showcasing high fashion models and celebrities equally, she sources her inspiration in the diversity of her upbringing. Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Perth, Australia, she has called New York City home since arriving as a teenager. Her career has taken her to countless other cities throughout the nation and internationally. 

Young-Ah’s projects are just as varied as her well-travelled life.

In 2011, she designed the Broadway production “Ghetto Klown” featuring John Leguizamo and directed by Academy Award winner, Fisher Stevens. 

Her regular commercial clients include Smuggler, O Positive, Park Pictures to name a few, as well as Champion USA for whom she has styled ad campaigns over the past 10 years.

In addition, she has collaborated on music videos with indie rock bands such as The Kills, Kings of Leon and Interpol.

Young-Ah’s sincere candor and fun attitude makes her a staple of New York City productions where you can often find her on set at various studios and stages or on location across the five boroughs.


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