Executive Director of Music & Audio Production, Wunderman Thompson

Paul Greco is Executive Director of Music & Audio Production at global ad agency  Wunderman Thompson North America. He was appointed in 2011 to lead the agency’s (formerly J. Walter Thompson) music department and collaborate on music branding  ideas across all media. Today his work continues to be recognized across the industry. 

Paul’s musical direction has made a major impact on many major brands throughout his  career and many of Wunderman Thompson’s most prestigious brands.  

He is a board member of The Association of Music Producers (AMP) and was chosen as  Chair for the 2015 AMP Awards.  

Paul has been the recipient of many of the top industry awards including his two AICP  Awards for Excellence in Musical Arrangement, multiple Cannes Lion’s, Clio’s, London  International Awards, The AMP Awards, and Effie Awards. One of his spots was also  nominated for a special EMMY Award. 

He has been a jury member for many award shows including The Clios, AICP, The  International Music & Sound Awards, and has been quoted in industry related articles in,, Variety, Adweek, Adage, and Shoot Magazine and  has a been a speaker on many advertising and music panels. 

In 1995 Paul joined Young & Rubicam as Music Producer, and eventually rose to the  position of Vice President, Executive Music Producer. During his 14-year career at the  agency, he handled music production for many of Y&R’s biggest brands. His work helped  earn Y&R numerous awards for many of their clients. 

Prior to Y&R, Paul worked at BBDO New York as Music and Radio Producer, where he  produced music for many of their award-winning accounts including Pepsi, FedEx, GE,  Visa, and HBO. 

Before his career as an ad agency producer, Paul developed his skills as a recording  engineer at several New York’s most highly regarded recording studios. 

Paul has worked with numerous musical artists and continues to push for opportunities  to align musicians and brands. 

Currently he is working with Wunderman Thompson to explore new and innovative  ways to use sound and music in branding for all media channels and break new ground  in the fields of consumer electronics and entertainment, the medical field, and  experiential technologies.

Throughout it all, Paul’s philosophy and mission is to create deep and durable ties  between consumers and brands through music. In an era of being able to reach more  people through so many different media channels, music and sound remain one of the  most effective ways to make the connection.

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