Lacey is a multi-disciplined Director and Photographer currently living and working in New York . 

Her fantasy narratives and clean aesthetic shine throughout her body of work, creating trademark graphic and color led visuals that are always optimistic and fun. 

Her education in graphic design honed her eye for detail whilst also giving her the foundation for composition and framing. Lacey’s photographic journey started with assisting renowned photographer Tim Walker, which then gave her the experience to then launch her own career. A love of animation started to give her work an additional playful dimension before she decided to move fully into the world of moving image and direct herself.

She can tailor her vision to whatever the production requires, being comfortable directing on location or in the studio and her multi disciplinary skillset has established her as a leading director and photographer in the world of fashion and beauty.

Lacey has collaborated with globally renowned fashion houses Dior, Loius Vuitton and Gucci and also regularly contributes to leading publications Vogue and Elle.

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