Costume Designer, United Agents

Head Judge – Casting/Production & Styling

Mr Gammon Costume Designer, give him a cast of thousands and he is happy.

Rock Icons, Pop stars, TV chefs, the fastest man in the World, some of the greatest footballers , dead Geniuses, a selection of fine actors, some that are icons, are a handful of characters that Mr Gammon has Costumed Designed and styled.

Re-enacting Moon Landings, Mars Landings, Circus troops, creating Superheroes, Miners, noblemen, kings and priests, blacksmiths and Monsters, Wizards and cross dressing Boys and that Plug, whilst creating a school naivety play like no other. And of course there is the most elegant men of the Congo that Mr Gammon designed.

In this advertising world he has designed for world famous brands that make scented water, sugared water, sparkling water, bank accounts and credits cards, alcoholic beverages, shopping websites, take away services, insurance, mobile devices, sucking sweets, eye drops, social media, pasteurised milk produce, condiments, dog biscuits, biscuits for humans, televisions and shampoo, and that's to name a few.

It is all about character, empathy and the human condition that burns his desire to make the best films possible.

He vowed not to mention his attention to detail or use the words ‘worked with the likes of’

But let it be known that he is rather quite good, even award winning.

So to the future, he mother-hens his interns to become great designers themselves, diversity and opportunity being foremost in his mind.

In-between drama and film projects, he turns his hand to creating his own films of sustainability, being sartorial in repairing your favourite denim. How Marvellous.

United Agents

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