Co-Founder, Darwood Music

Growing up, literally sitting on his father’s double bass, music was always close at hand for Linus Darland. His teenage years were spent playing in - and recording - bands. He continued by studying music in university and private schools. In 2015 he and band member Jonathan Skogh started Darwood Music - a sound design and music composing agency.

Originally Darwood only composed and recorded original music for motion, but the more music they produced, the more sound design inquiries they got. So they started to do both sound design and music for their clients.

Things have happened fast for Darwood Music with clients like Adidas, Volvo, Instagram and the Guardian through the last year. Apart from commercial work and sound branding, Darwood Music are: sound concept creatives, record label, and a music project/band.

Darwood Music

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