Director, Greatcoat Films

LX channels the glory days of music videos, with a cinematic style that puts the focus squarely on artists and brands, and their stories.

LX (pronounced Lex) started out as a photographer, but quickly moved onto making films for friends and various underground artists. After getting his break via social media he started working with SBTV. Since then he’s captured some of the biggest names in UK rap and grime – making several promos for Dave, as well as artists including Royal Blood, Young T & Bugsey and Tiana Major9.

A self-proclaimed daydreamer, LX loves a bit of escapism. He channels the cinematic style of 90s music vids, but with his own unique – and occasionally uncanny – twist. His close connection with the musicians he works with also means he has an eye for the kinds of scenarios and setups that will connect with them as artists. And no matter how well-trodden the narrative, LX will find a way of exploring it from a new, and unexpected angle.

Greatcoat Films

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