Executive Producer, Bleck

Pål Åsberg was educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. After several years of work in Paris, helping Swedish media companies establish themselves in France, Åsberg moved to commercial production, with Bleck Film founded in Stockholm in 2013 and content production company BleckOut in 2019.

In 2015 Bleck also opened its first restaurant, Bleck, in a park in the ‘Söder’ bohemian chic parts of Stockholm. The Bleck Group has expanded with another restaurant in a nature reserve outside Stockholm and it is opening a hotel in December 2021 in the Swedish mountains. 

Åsberg is a fan of both fine classics and modern pop culture; loves Tom Kuntz or Andreas Nilsson music promos and mixes his spare time going to see Alexander Ekman’s modern dance or seeing Dune or Audiard at the cinema.


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