MD/EP/Partner, ROGUE

Kate Taylor is the MD/EP/Partner at ROGUE - one of the most distinctive and successful commercial production companies in London,  

Before she went Rogue in 2019, Kate spent three years as MD/EP of SKUNK London, launching the UK arm of the leading US production company.  She signed and grew exciting new UK talent, worked with impressive global brands and brought significant London exposure to the well-established US roster.  

Renowned in the industry, Kate has produced and exec produced a stellar credit list of ads for many of London’s most acclaimed commercial directors and production companies. 

Having created some of the most recognisable advertising campaigns of the past twenty years, Rogue have an impressive roster of directing talent from established destination directors to newly discovered gems. Kate is committed to upholding their passion and commitment to excellence in filmmaking; her role is vital in the evolution of the company and in managing the talent it represents both here and in the US. She's passionate about building on the reputation, diversity and accessibility of all things Rogue.


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