Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Bangkok

Thasorn “Pete” Boonyanate is a Thai creative, songwriter and film director. He’s started his career as a copywriter 10 years ago and has consistently produced highly popular, award-winning work across multiple shows, including Cannes Lions, The One Show, Clio, Adfest and many more.

Curiosity took him to Shanghai for a couple of years where he headed content and creative work for leading multinational brands.

Pete returned to Bangkok in October 2017, as Creative Director and Head of Digital & Content for JWT. Within just 10 months, had his work recognized through multiple projects in all major award shows, including gold, silver and bronze lions at Cannes.

Pete is a free-format creative who believes in goodness of the brand and people. 

Client called him “Crazy Pete” from the passion he has in every brief no matter how small or big it is, he gives it all.

Wunderman Thompson

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