Creative Producer, Goodstein

Maureen Sherrard is a Chilean - Irish global trotter. She has over fifteen years’  experience in the advertising industry in both London and China.  Before Maureen joined GOODSTEIN in 2013, she was an Agency Producer for  Proximity in Beijing, initially working as resource manager but rapidly moving towards  the production of internal, online films and TVCs, including The People’s Car Project Building the Car Series, the People’s Original film and the Think Tank series. At Goodstein, her sole focus is to make the impossible, possible. Might it be the  world’s 1st 3D printed stop motion animation or a hand stitched fashion line by the Yi  minority mothers of Yunnan, her wide network of contacts is an asset for every  production she has worked on. 

Maureen was also the executive producer to “This is Sanlitun”, a feature-length  independent film officially selected at the Toronto Film Festival in 2013.


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