Founder/Creative Chairperson, HumanSense

Ruchi Sharma is the Founder & Creative Chairperson of HumanSense. Her career spans more  than two decades, spent in New York, Bangkok, India and Sri Lanka. She has won several  creativity and effectiveness awards. And has served on almost all advertising juries. 

Ruchi is a frequent speaker at industry events. She has spoken at the Cannes initiative of the  inaugural SeeItBeIt, at Spikes Asia. And at the CTC2020 in Bangkok.  

She volunteers with Women Empowered Global, focusing on women's incredible potential. She  is on the D&AD Impact Council and on the advisory boards of New York festival, AME, and  the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka.  

Ruchi is a staunch supporter of inclusion, diversity and equality. She co-created the first digitally led global campaign on Human Rights for the UNHRC and was invited as UN guest to New  York by the High Commissioner.


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