Copywriter, Publicis Groupe

Aneeka started her career not sure of where life would take her. Nevertheless, she had lots of 'imaginative' ideas about what she could have been. This turned out to be a good thing during an internship with TBWA. She ultimately stuck to it, and has been stuck-in-love ever since. She’s lived the ad-life for more than 4 years now, working at global networks from TBWA to Y&R, and is currently residing in a comfy chair at Publicis, Sri Lanka. She’s worked on many brands such as Nestle, McDonald’s and Sri Lankan Airlines. Her company also thought it would be wise to let her represent Sri Lanka at the Young Lions Competition in Cannes. Now she’s sure that Advertising is the love of her life. And won't let anyone tell her otherwise. 

Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka

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