Executive Producer/Partner, Good Oil

Sam Long, Executive Producer and Partner at Good Oil, cut his teeth in Wellington at  a number of leading advertising production companies. When Good Oil was founded  in 2001 he moved into the role of producer. A great nurturer of creative talent, he has  gone on to produce work that has won Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, Clio, NYF,  AWARD and many more.  

He has helped the company earn rank as BestAds No.1 Global Production  Company Of The Year (2020), CICLOPE Asia Pacific Production Company of the Year  (2019), and BestAds No.1 Australian Production Company (2018 & 2015). He has  served on judging panels at Ciclope, LIA, AICP, NYF Advertising Awards, and AWARD. 

A champion of Good Oil’s commitment to leave the world a better place than  they found it, Sam has facilitated several charity campaigns. He has helmed work that  addressed men’s mental health and cancer research, as well as films that raise  awareness for the importance of quality education and literacy.

Good Oil

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