ECD, Cheil Worldwide/Seoul

Seho Kwon has carried out projects for large clients such as Samsung, KT, and CJ, and participated in global campaigns such as Samsung Galaxy, Fortnite, Chevrolet, IKEA etc. as well as domestic projects to create successful campaigns. He has won prizes in Cannes Lions, One Show, London International Awards, and Spikes Asia, and has served as a jury member at the ADFEST Asia Pacific Advertising Festival.

He has tried various things in bold campaigns and graphics, and has done a lot in various customer-participatory campaigns, not to mention TV commercials.

As a representative example, he has continuously created big idea focused campaigns where customers can experience and communicate with brands by participating in campaigns such as E - mart <Sunny Sale>, Samsung <The Last Wish>, and Shinhan <The Independent Restaurant>.

He believes that the role of Creative Director is to introduce and connect brands and people to each other through experiences that the world has imagined and needed for new products. 

Cheil Worldwide

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