Creative Group Head, Ogilvy Groupe/Sri Lanka

Once upon a time, in the wondrous world of careers, Aneeka embarked on a journey without a clue where life would lead her. But lo and behold, destiny sprinkled its creative magic on her, and she ended up being a fantastic, imaginative soul, sticking to her passions like glue and falling head over heels in love with being a creative, in advertising.

Her writing skills come from countless hours of writing melancholic love songs in her teenage years, instead of keeping a diary like a normal person.

In her 7 years in advertising, Aneeka has worked with global networks like TBWA and Leo Burnett. Currently, she comfortably resides in a cosy chair at Ogilvy Groupe in Sri Lanka. She works with brands like Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser, and Sri Lankan Airlines. She even had the privilege of representing Sri Lanka in the prestigious Young Lions competition in the PR Category back in 2019. She's like a firecracker an unstoppable force of creativity in advertising, fearlessly challenging norms and advocating for a vibrant, unconventional approach—we're simply captivated by her.

Ogilvy Groupe/Sri Lanka

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