Co-Founder, Producer, CAT in the HOUSE production

“Non-conformist” has become the definition of being her, Veed Natlada, who constantly pushes her works to the edge without fear of rules and norm. A decade of working as a TVC producer has given her a firm ground and a courage to always try something new for the industry.

Veed is currently a producer and one of the 6 co-founders of “CAT in the HOUSE production” in Bangkok - the production house who collaboratively works with advertising agencies both locally and overseas. 

After graduated in BBA from a renown university in Thailand, Veed had an urge to pursue another degree in filming as she witnessed back then the power of communication in various platforms and those communicative mechanism that would come up in the future. She then decided to go to Paris to study Film Direction in EICAR, the film school where she spent two years to strengthen her skills in film making.

 From Paris back to Bangkok, Veed started her career in commercial industry as an Assistant Director at Mu.An.Ja.I Production House Bangkok back in 2010 and has worked alongside with many directors , creatives in a local and global companies. She has a strong focus on making great ideas come to life and believes that the creativity is endless and should not be limited only to commercial side. So, she expands her creative and producing skills in other platforms such as VDO contents, series of vlog, and even presentations for special events.

Veed also contributes her part of success to years of growing up in Australia because that enables her to have acquired her English skills as the essential tools to achieve the powerful communication.  The knowledge in business and filming provides her  the ability and competency to work in any production adeptly.  That is because she truly believes that to be successful in this field needs to acquire both creativity and business mind.

As predicted, nowadays the communication is  universal with advanced technology and  diverse media platforms. It is  an easy access worldwide. Other than that, having lived aboard for so many years also bought her chances to meet with various people from different background, culture, and perspectives and that benefits her a great deal to venture in what to be called, “global playground”.

CAT in the HOUSE production

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