Co-founder/Company Director, The Producers

Noelle Jones has spent her 20-year career carving out a niche in the competitive Australian film and television world. Tired of working for men, in 2013 she became a co-founder of The Producers, one of the few entirely female-owned and led production companies in the world. Since then, The Producers have grown to have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. They have produced work both nationally and internationally in the USA, UK, Asia and New Zealand. 

There is a culture for inclusiveness, creativity, problem solving and directness at The Producers. On their books are some of Australia’s most sought-after directors as well as a growing stable of emerging talent that is fostered within a collaborative atmosphere of mentorship and experience sharing. Contributing to their success is a no-bullshit approach that has won them many industry fans in Australia and internationally. 

The Producers

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