From dreaming about becoming a car designer to discovering his love for Ad-filmmaking, it has been an interesting journey for Karan Shetty. This journey started many years ago when Karan, a Mechanical Engineer, dabbled in Theatre as a Writer-Director while working as a Copywriter at Creativeland Asia during his initial years in Mumbai. He then found his true calling—Direction, there was no looking back after that.

As an Ad-filmmaker, he has directed campaigns for brands like Vivo-IPL, Cadbury, Benetton, Star Sports, Disney Hotstar, SpiceJet, Suzuki and Lenovo to name a few. Karan’s short film ‘CUDDLY’ was nominated for a Filmfare award.

Karan's take on stories and Ad-films: “I think stories are the most engaging form of connecting with each other on a human level, we all love a well-told story; And advertising makes this exciting because you’re trying to tell a brand’s story and you have many challenges like duration restrictions. Or you need to highlight a feature/offer without making it look like an Advert. Or you need to distill the research findings into 1 crisp idea that connects with audiences. Whatever the challenges to the brief, finding the human story in the brand's narrative is what makes Ad-films fun to work on.”

Karan Shetty Freelance Company

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