Director, Lucy Loves Stories Finland

I was born in 1971 Helsinki Finland and I'm married, have two daughters and two white, little dogs.

I started my directing life in 1998. Since then I have been working as a director and writer, mostly in the commercial world.
In 2003 I was Co-Founder of a Helsinki based production company, Motel Royal. I have been working in Finland and internationally for almost two decades now, with production companies like Sonny, It's Showtime, B-reel and Boogie films.

In 2014 I co-founded a new Helsinki-based storytelling company, Lucy Loves Stories. Im currently working at Lucy as a director and creative director and work internationally as much as I have time.

Besides more than 50 awards, domestic and international (like a 2011 silver Lion in Cannes), in 2018 I was awarded the Platinum Award for lifetime work in Finnish advertising at the Vuoden Huiput awards.

Lucy Loves Stories, Finland

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