Head of Creative Content, Czar Amsterdam

As production house Czar - Amsterdam’s Head of Creative Content, Levi Rijper oversees the company’s creative services. Since the beginning of 2018, she has made it her goal to extend the company’s reach to more experimental and interactive media. She established a new department outside of their usual commercial spectrum that included music videos, short documentaries, and mini (web)series in their roster.  

Although Levi seeks to stay up to date with the ever-changing media, her priority is always to honour Czar’s storytelling legacy. She concentrates on talent development, working hand-in-hand with directors - the young and curious, the established and seasoned - making sure to find the best director to client pairings resulting in visually appealing films with signature strong Czar narratives.

Rijper began her studies at the University of Amsterdam, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economy. Shortly after, she strayed from this path into the world of film production with the (at the moment) still emerging DPPLR. Here she contributed into finding the vision of the company as a producer and watched it go from small online content to cinema screens.

Gaining interest in company strategies, social structures and philosophy she decided to return to university to receive a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In combination with her marketing background, it made her an indispensable asset in the production world. She returned to DPPLR as Head of Production, using her interpersonal skills for the development and completion of each project from point A to point B. Being part of this process and experiencing the results first-hand made her form a growing love for the creative facet of companies and film, allowing her to succeed within her field today.  

Czar Amsterdam