Managing Director, Blacklist/Psyop New York

Adina Sales is founder of Blacklist, an animation and mixed-media technique production company focused on the US commercial market.  Founded in 2006 alongside sister company Psyop, Adina has grown a boutique roster of exceptional award winning international talent.  Blacklist’s work has been nominated for an Emmy, a Visual Effects Society Award, Sundance accolades, and many advertising industry award prizes including permanent placement in the Museum of Modern Art archives.  

Early career ambitions to bridge an interest in Anthropology and Environmental education gave way to exploring the documentary world and an unlikely job offer in Advertising. With a passion for photography, writing, art creation, and international travel, a career path was cemented. Sales spent 11 years within advertising agencies as a Producer and Executive Producer.  The legacy of strong agency connections, client relationships, and an international network of creative resources has translated well into growing a collaborative and multi-disciplinary production company.

In 2018, Sales took on an additional role to oversee the sister company Psyop.  As the current Managing Director of both Blacklist and Psyop NY, Sales career continues to evolve in a more managerial role, helping the company to pivot in an evolving marketplace where everyone needs content on every platform yesterday at half the budget.

Adina lives in Brooklyn with her beloved children, husband, and dog.

Blacklist/Psyop New York